Having fun is soooo tiring

Having spent a few months hibernating due to cold, snow and rain (and quite frankly for the simple reason that it is not sunny), the hiatus has now taken its toll on our family life. We move from weekend to weekend in a blur of take-aways, naps, reality tv, work and washing.

So I have taken the advice of a wise lady who once suggested that if we wait for holidays to find us, they will never come. But if we have “holiday moments” every day or every few days, that will make the wait for the real holiday all the more bearable.

Holiday moments… taking a bus to a suburb we don’t normally visit, going to London and walking through the narrow streets of the older parts, unencumbered by the need for a tourist guide or even any knowledge of the details of the history around us or going to the nearby park to watch the children play (albeit with their shoes on, which for a South-African is very strange!) or going up to Southgate (our little town centre) and buying an ice cream for Justin.

All these little things. Holiday moments. Memory moments.

Our memories are in our hands and so is our attitude. If we wait for life to take us along, we will be left behind as the last bus leaves for the night. 

Get on the bus, no, DRIVE the bus!