It was spring, but it was summer I wanted,
the warm days, and the great outdoors.
It was summer, but it was fall I wanted,
the colorful leaves, and the cool, dry air.
It was autumn, but it was winter I wanted,
the beautiful snow, and the joy of the holiday season.
I was a child, but it was adulthood I wanted,
the freedom, and the respect.
I was twenty, but it was thirty I wanted,
to be mature, and sophisticated.
I was middle-aged, but it was thirty I wanted,
the youth, and the free spirit.
I was retired, but it was middle-age that I wanted,
the presence of mind, without limitations.
My life was over,
but I never got what I wanted.

I heard this poem today on “Leading the way” and it made me think and repent about how many times I am discontent even when I get what I wanted. I could be vague and pious and say: “so many times WE are discontent…” 

But no, it’s just me. I am discontent even in the midst of such outrageous blessing. Forgive me please Lord. Thank you for all you have done for us! For me…