So, when my husband talks about prospective employees he talks about chickens and pigs. Chickens give a part of themselves (eggs) but Pigs give everything (bacon).
So in the Bible story of Ruth, the Moabite woman who decides to follow her mother in law Naomi to a new country and new faith, Ruth is the pig (bear with me). Orpah is the chicken. She started to follow but was then convinced by Naomi to turn around. Orpah used “wisdom”, she did what any of us would do (“God wouldn’t want me to suffer”) and she listened to the advice she received from those around her, did a risk assesment and decided to stay behind.
To be honest nowhere does it say that she had a bad life because of her choice. She probably had a very good life. But because of her decision to go all the way with God, Ruth received the blessing of a new husband and being in the lineage of Jesus, the Messiah.
In today’s terms, Ruth was the “Jesus freak”. And she was rewarded.
The point is. I am more often than not Orpah. I want to be Ruth. I want to say: Where You go I’ll go, where You stay I’ll stay. And mean it.
I want to be a pig.