Is it too late to be the Me I was made to be?
There is always time to be the Me I was made to be
I’m not talking about career choices or a mid-life crisis
I am talking about being h-a-p-p-y with M-e.
The Me YOU want me to be?
The Me I THINK you want me to be?
Or the Me I have made you believe I am? All lies really.
None of them based on my true identity which
Now I see more clearly than ever 
Nailed to a cross
You don’t get more real than that
When the King paid with His blood for every
Shameful act I will ever commit
THAT is me.
So when I disappoint myself, or you- I’m still free
When I make a mistake- I’m still free
When you misunderstand me? – I’m still free
When I am not strong enough, clever enough- I’m still free
Free to be Me. In You.