Early in 2012 I went through probably one of the most difficult times in my spiritual life.  

It involved what I saw as a betrayal by other Christians which always makes the wound sting so much more.

Until recently, I had blamed this incident for the shaking in my faith and the subsequent spiritual lethargy I felt.  I couldn’t pray, praise Him, get involved or even read the Bible. And it was EVERYBODY else’s fault.
Much to my shock and horror, God showed me more recently that a) He was ok with what happened ( What?!) and b) It was for my good (Again, WHAT?!)
See, I had come into 2012 and probably 2010 and 2011 before that believing that spiritually I had ARRIVED!  I fasted, prayed, spent time studying the Word, was studying Christian counselling and had been involved in a ministry for women who had been hurt or abused. I also came from a vibrant, caring, home group for women, which had become my little throne and safety net.
But it was when I thought I knew everything that God had to show me I knew nothing.
I hope to unpack more of what The Surgeon is doing in me as He reveales it to me…