Who gets sick on a Friday evening? Really!

Stomach bugs are for navy-blue Mondays or bottle-green Wednesdays. Or wait, am I the only one who thinks of weekdays in colour? You know: Tuesday is yellow and… Oh, ok only me.

Well there should have been another Universal Law laid down at Creation.

It would have been right up there with gravity and E=mc2.

It should have read: “The possibility of having diarrhoea is inversely proportional to how far away in the week you are from a Saturday- God”.

Everyone else’s dream is to have a day to just spend in bed. Not mine! I have serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out- It’s real people). Ask my husband. And to top it off, my 3 darlings went to my nieces’ birthday party without me.  Granted I couldn’t go, lest I become World’s Worst Aunt (even worse than the time I accidentally bounced my nephew off the trampoline).

So I stay in bed. Argghh!! Only because it is closest to the toilet. And I read (yes Facebook is also reading) and sleep and read some more. A book by Jon Acuff called “Start”. Except I am reading it in Afrikaans which seems foreign and stuttery and forced and makes me want to “Stop” instead. But I keep reading and realise: Wait a minute, this is not so bad. There is no one asking me to wipe their bottom or clean the cement out of their potty or tickle their back or play football or be wicket-keeper or make toast and cut it into geometric patters or anything really.

Ahhh! The peace. I get pictures of the party sent and everyone looks so happy, singing for the birthday girl, but I know the reality is that hubby is probably trying to pry our youngest away from the presents because it is “Not your birthday” and dealing with a marathon of “I’m bored” ‘s from our 9-year old  and having to run to the bathroom every 3 minutes because the little one might want to make a number 1 (Shame, on their return I was informed that the one time he ignored it, he made a number 2 in his underpants).

They returned from the party exhausted and happy. Which makes me very happy.

So perhaps being sick over a weekend is not so bad. You get to read, collect your thoughts, lose weight and..

“Mommeeee, my tummy doesn’t feel nice, I think I am going to…”

It’s not fair.