I was thirteen when my mother died. It was October, exactly a month and a day after her 38th birthday; and two months before Christmas.

I don’t remember much of the festivities that year. In fact, I think I was quite happy, because family rallied around, spoiled and gifted to numb the pain. And I was off to high school that January, which was exciting.

But as the years passed I have noticed that an increasing shadow of loss peeps in at the Christmas window. Now 36, with my own two children, I mourn the loss of a wise mother and grandmother. A voice of reason when I am too strict; giving tips on cutting corners with the ever stressful Christmas meal; a companion on those shopping trips for last-minute gifts; or stopping together for a sneaky piece of cake.

Missing a Loved One

Many of us have lost those we love, and this time of year has a way of amplifying feelings we manage to leave buried the rest of the time.  It is a lonely time, both because they are not there and because we can’t always explain how we feel.  Most of the time, we don’t even understand how we feel.

Perhaps that is you today. But I want to offer you a different way to celebrate this Christmas…

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