Wear your swimming costume. When you are my age, you are going to wish you wore it when you had fewer wobbles. Laugh at yourself. No one cares. Or some do, but that shouldn’t change the way you act. I don’t mean act like an idiot I just mean people are looking at you much less than you think. You are going to be a great mother. Your kids don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need to be perfect.  Get a boob job if you want it. Stop crossing your legs. Look after your feet. Put cream on your body every day.

Don’t throw away all the antique furniture. Drink water. Exercise. Start writing every day.  Take the advice of people who tell you to write every day. You are going to get through this. God is not mad at you. He is going to heal you, go to Him. Your house doesn’t need to be perfect.  Wear clothes that suit you. Treat yourself every now and again. Sometimes you can’t solve a problem. Just listen. Just listen. Have I mentioned: Just listen?

Wear colour. Be friendly. People will abuse you. Be friendly anyway. Always ask: “Who am I angry at?” God is first and then family. Not church. If your husband’s home, you’re home. Don’t wait until the next holiday. Have holiday moments. Say thank you sincerely. Don’t overuse it. Say sorry sincerely. Don’t overuse it. Don’t share anything that you were told in confidence. Don’t gossip about your husband to anyone. Build him up. Be honest always. Be humble most of all.

Play hard. Enjoy the time with your kids. One day they won’t want you to sing to them or tell them stories or silly-wrestle. Don’t wait for someone to tell you to do it, do it! God is not angry with you. All those things in your life that you do but hate doing is a sin. God will change you if you let Him, but it’s a wild ride. He loves you too much to leave you the way you are. Stop being ashamed. Even vaguely. Always ask: “Why am I avoiding doing this?” if you are procrastinating. Am I afraid? Use sunscreen. Use toner and proper face wash. You’re worth it. Look after your legs. Keep reading.

Invest in your marriage. Read books, blogs, devotionals. Anything you can. Pray for your children. Go for emotional healing. More than once if you need to. Take time for yourself. Do things with women friends. Do some things by yourself. This one is important: Marry Jacques Liebenberg!!!

Love yourself please. Pursue good friendships. Be a good friend. Love unconditionally. Hurting people, hurt people. Rest a lot.  Just because someone else can do it doesn’t mean you can. Know your limits and accept them. And last but not least. You are a writer. Stop waiting to be one.