Who knew that when you tried to pull away to your God-purpose, you would tear such a painful strip off me.

Mangled bits of an old bond remain, tender to the touch as we figure out what goes and what will stay.

It feels like betrayal when the independence we prepared you for,  makes you long for independence from us.

We feel helpless when you struggle with a confusing mix of hormones and unmet needs – that’s if you are lucky enough to know what you need.

Some days you’re angry because we don’t understand and honestly – we don’t. But…

We love unconditionally.

Completely. Fully. No matter what you do.

Don’t stay small. Don’t stay dependant. He cannot use you there.

But choose to re-connect, to ask for advice, to talk, laugh and listen.

So… we wait for the wound to heal.

For the bond to renew. Because it grows tougher, stronger.

Healed. Helped. Whole.

A man.