A-Letter Writes

My faith, my fears, my family and my fun




I am Alleta Liebenberg (pronounced “A-letter”). A thirty-something wife to a comic book junkie and mother to two cheeky boys.

My heart’s desire is to live out Isaiah 61 and I am passionate about healing for the wounded, especially women and children and those who are abused.  I am also passionate about issues of unity in the Church.

We live in Johannesburg, South Africa and though the boys would love it, we don’t ride around on zebras all day (or ever).

We spent the last four years in the UK and while negotiating with London to let me in, I learnt things about myself that I wouldn’t have in my cozy routine down in Africa.

Now we are back home in our beautiful country, with new forever-friends, scars and some tough life lessons (and very pale skin).

In my spare time I try to find ways to keep track of whose turn it is on the Ipad.

These are my day-to-day ramblings. I write about my faith, my family, my mistakes and my healing.  Join me for a good laugh, sometimes a good cry and always a good cup of tea.

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